Vue.js 2 Academy: Learn Vue Step by Step

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Take your HTML, CSS & Javascript skills to the next level by learning one of the hottest Javascript frameworks available today, Vue.js!Course updated:October 17: New Section (Transitions & Animations)September 17: New videos (Event bus & Adding mixins)If you are unfamiliar with vue.js, or Javascript libraries and frameworks in general, some of the questions you may be asking is:   What is Vue.js?   And why should I learn it in the first place?  Vue.js is a really fun and easy to use Javascript framework for building user interfaces  The core of the framework is very lightweight and fast, and it can be used in projects of any size  From easily dropping it into an existing website or application to just control a part of it such as adding new components,  Right through to medium or large single page applications  Considering the lightweight size of the vue.js core, it is still packed full of features which you will learn about during this course.During this course you will build 2 fun, exciting and challenging projects, to apply everything you will learn instantly.We begin with a guest list app where users can add their name to an event guest list. This is a simple app but will guide you through all of the vue.js essentials such as:Two way data bindingEvent handlingTemplates and the Virtual DOMList & conditional renderingBinding attributes & stylesThe Vue instance Javascript expressionsInstance properties: Data, Computed, Watchers, Methods, Filters etcLooping & filtersRefs and other instance properties and methodsVue lifecyclePlus much more!You will then build on this knowledge, by building a greeting card application, where the user can create and edit their own custom greeting card. They can add their own text and images to create a personalised card.This project introduces more concepts such as:Components (local, global and single file)The Vue CLI for scaffolding projects with build tools such as Webpack & BabelInstalling Node & NPMPassing data with $emit Storing & retrieving images from FirebaseProps and prop validationSlots and slot scopeBinding to menu options to change fonts & stylesEvent busMixinsPlus much more!So are you ready to learn one of the hottest and most upcoming Javascript frameworks available?Join me now and I look forward to having you on board!


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